Coaching in the area of tension between profession, organisation and individual. Classic individual coaching on predominantly work-related topics, in the company on site or outside.

Coaching is to be understood here as a combination of individual support to cope with various concerns and personal counselling. In such counselling, the client is encouraged to develop their own solutions. The coach facilitates the recognition of the causes of problems and serves to identify and change the processes leading to the problem. Ideally, the client thus learns to solve his problems independently, to reflect on his behaviour / attitudes, to develop them further and to achieve effective results (cf. Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.).

I offer a mix of coaching and training in the following areas:

  • "Leadership coaching" for those taking on leadership responsibility for the first time. The training part teaches the basics of leadership, while the coaching accompanies the application.
  • "Career coaching" for planning an individual career path. Based on a personal assessment of the current situation, an individual strategy is developed in the training and the first steps are accompanied in the coaching.

Both individual and group events are possible in these areas, on-site at the company or off-site.