Organisational development

The analysis of your management system and your stakeholder management as part of a self-assessment of your organisation shows the strengths and potential for improvement and helps to define the right strategic focal points for further development and to get them on track together with the entire organisation. On the road to business excellence. For the entire company or specifically for HR and by using the EFQM model.

Successful change depends on

  • the perceived pressure for change (why?)
  • the common objective (where to?)
  • the capacity for change (how?)
  • clarity about the necessary steps (what?)
  • the concrete agreements on implementation (who, what, when)
  • the communication strategy

Therefore, an important part of my Change Management Consulting is to focus precisely on these critical points. As a Human Resources Manager and Consultant I have already gained extensive experience in this area in the context of major organisational changes.

As an HR Manager, I have already accompanied a large number of M&A projects from due diligence and the transition of employment relationships to the completion of the integration and am happy to provide support in comparable tasks.